Owning international real estate is now a new trend increasingly spreading and developing in Vietnam.

When having enough savings, Vietnamese people started thinking about investing abroad to look for opportunities to settle down and to develop business overseas.

According to data from the Vietnam Tourism Real Estate Association, in the past 20 years, about 2.5 million Vietnamese have settled abroad for the purpose of studying, working, getting married, etc. The international real estate investment is a trend of Vietnamese investors.

Why international real estate started attract Vietnamese people?

In addition to business expansion, the main reason for investment is the accompanied rights such as the right to live, travel freely, and the right to become an official citizen after a short or long time depending on the demand and investment plan. At the same time, the need for children to study, enter modern living environment and develop abroad is also the great concern of many parents.

While the domestic economic and social environment is facing various instable issues on food hygiene and safety, social security, health care quality, education …, developed countries have advanced education system, as well as living environment and welfare, pre-eminent health care system, suitable for young people to study and old people to enjoy.

Globalization has brought along a trading system in which investors are free to choose where to invest. Together with the increasing wealth of the citizens in developing countries, besides benefiting by the domestic market, individuals often consider investing abroad. For real estate markets around the world, investors from developing markets may consider investing for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Plentiful portfolio
  • Potential investment
  • The second home
  • Resident rights and citizenship
  • Education

Investors also spread the risk in their property by not placing eggs in a basket. These factors have attracted and motivated a part of Vietnamese people to seek investment in real estate – to settle down abroad.

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