The United Kingdom is not only known as one of the leading economic countries in the world. This beautiful country is also famous for a long cultural history – one of Europe’s most important cultural centers. There are a lot of interesting things when talking about the UK.

Investment in international real estate has been an outstanding trend in recent years. In Vietnam, more and more investors are interested in owning international real estate, of which the UK is one of the attractive markets.


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  • Manchester: top 10 most interesting cities to live (TimeOut, 2018), real estate is located in the heart of Manchester – the most potential developed area in the North of England.
  • The best business environment for starting a business (Forbes 2018), with the 5th largest economy in the world.
  • The country has the world’s leading education, attracting international students with 2 of the 10 most prestigious universities in the world – Cambridge & Oxford.
  • Public health is the pride of the UK, owning nearly 100 universities with the best quality medical teaching in the world (according to QS World University Rankings).
  • Being a country with a beautiful geographical position and high connectivity with many other regions in the world. London international airport is also the most connected airport in the world.


Hộ chiếu Anh Quốc là hộ chiếu trong nhóm quyền lực nhất về việc đi lại, cho phép đi đến 174 quốc gia không cần xin visa
Đa dạng về văn hoá và sắc tộc
Hệ thống giáo dục tiên tiến nhất thế giới ở cả lĩnh vực tư nhân và nhà nước. Anh Quốc có trên 150 trường đại học được xếp hạng hàng đầu thế giới.
Quốc gia có hệ thống chăm sóc sức khoẻ và y tế tốt nhất thế giới
London là trung tâm tài chính của cả thế giới
Hệ thống thuế cực kỳ hấp dẫn cho người giàu xác định trên cơ sở cư trú và không cư trú.

Bất động sản của Vương Quốc Anh
Bất động sản của Vương Quốc Anh


Không phải là công dân thuộc khối Liên minh châu Âu (các nước EU)

Sở hữu hộ chiếu có hiệu lực hoặc các giấy tờ đi lại nước ngoài thay thế khác

Cung cấp tất cả các tài liệu và thông tin cần thiết theo chương trình

Không có tiền án tiền sự

Hồ sơ được nộp qua đại lý được cấp phép bởi chính phủ theo chương trình.

Process flow for owning golden real estate in UK

Step 1

Real estate

Step 2


Step 3

with lawyer

Step 4

resident card


The United Kingdom is an island nation located to the northwest of the European continent, in the British Isles, between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. The total area is 244,100 km2, from North to South about 1,000 km long.



The current population of the United Kingdom is 67,700,253 people on 10/01/2020 according to the latest figures from the United Nations.
The UK population currently accounts for 0.87% of the world’s population.
The population density of the United Kingdom is 280 people / km².

Bất động sản của Vương Quốc Anh
Bất động sản của Vương Quốc Anh


Economics & Education

The UK economy is the 5th largest economy in the world, one of the leading countries in business and the number one investment destination in Europe.
England is a very convenient country to invest. In addition to pricing, the lowest business tax among the nation’s industrialized countries, the UK also has a highly developed telecommunication network.
The UK is one of the top ten manufacturing countries in the world, having the largest industries in Europe
London is one of the three most important financial centers in the world, along with New York City and Tokyo.
Education in the UK is growing strongly and is a land of wonders to discover.
In the UK, education is always at the forefront.


Tourism & Real Estate


England is one of the most attractive countries in Europe
Famous tourist destinations in the UK: Bigben Clock Tower, Durham Cathedral, Stonehenge Temple, District Lake, …
When visiting the UK, you will fall in love with the beauty of the lovely historical buildings and very attractive piers.
Durham is a jewel of England and Unesco listed as one of World Heritage cities.

Real estate

Potential growth rate up to 10% / year.
The most transparent market for global real estate investors (JJL Report 2018).
Attractive rental rate and rental growth rate for investors.

Bất động sản của Vương Quốc Anh
Bất động sản của Vương Quốc Anh


Culture – Society

The UK is famous for being a beautiful foggy country. Every city in the UK is a cultural center with world famous opera houses, museums and landmarks.
UK culture is an interesting mix of international cultures and contemporary thinking, intertwined in the spirit of strong identity and tradition.
The UK is well known for its National Health Care (NHS) services and prides itself on having the best medical facilities in the world.
The official language is English


Nature & climate

The UK has a temperate climate, with much rainfall all year round. Temperatures vary from season to season, but rarely drop below -10 degrees Celsius or rise above 35 degrees Celsius.
Winters in the UK become warmer thanks to the North Atlantic current. Summer in the UK, the hottest weather in the southeast of England, because this region is close to continental Europe, while the northern region has cooler weather.
In the UK, snow usually falls in winter and early spring.
The driest weather in the East and the warmest in the South.

Bất động sản của Vương Quốc Anh


Vị trí địa lý

United Kingdom is an archipelago located in Western Europe. Bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Northwest of France.

Bất động sản Đảo Síp - Định cư SÍP


Thủ đô của Hy Lạp với hơn 3,400 năm lịch sử, sở hữu vô số bảo tàng và di sản được Unesco công nhận như thành cổ Acropolis, đền Parthenon, đền thờ thần Zeus…

Giá bất động sản ở những thành phố lớn như Athens đã giảm đến 50% từ năm 2008
12,000 căn hộ ở Athens được cho thuê theo dạng Airbnb
Bất động sản Athens có thể sinh lời từ 4-5%/năm trước thuế
Đại dự án Hellinikon sẽ thay đổi Athens Riviera với casino, công viên trò chơi, công viên ngoài trời, trung tâm mua sắm, trường học, bệnh viện và các viện nghiên cứu, bến cảng

Bất động sản Hy Lạp - CITRINE


Adamas Global Investment offers a wide range of services to assist Investors in making a reasonable choice.

Understanding the issues surrounding this area, Adamas Global Investment can help you evaluate and compare different types of property, identify golden opportunities and avoid any potential pitfalls.

As soon as you start thinking about owning property – especially real estate abroad – many questions will arise, including real estate ownership, prices, market trends, potential investment, real estate investment and management strategy. We are here to answer all the questions, provide the most accurate and safe information about golden real estate projects in UK and give advice that best suits the needs and desires of the Investors.

Owning real estate is always a serious decision, in case you are considering investing in foreign countries, Adamas Global Investment is the key to an extremely safe, reasonable and successful investment

Adamas Global Investment desires to develop a long-term relationship with Investors, who can count on our professional support from the very first journey of learning until carrying out the procedure to own property or manage and transfer of property to the next generation.

Customers interested in buying real estate to qualify for the UK Residency by Investment Program will be advised by our financial and legal advisors on how to apply for a permanent resident card in UK and all other added information.